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Temple Run Game

Temple Run (and now its successor Temple Run 2) the simple, addictive game from Imangi Studios LLC. Find here hints and tips, cheats and methods - from one of the game's biggest fans. You take the part of an explorer, who has just stolen a golden idol. You are then chased by four nasty, evil demon monkeys and you have to run. On the way, you can collect coins, power-ups and achieve objectives.

Getting the Game

The game can be downloaded free (seriously do not pay for it) from iTunes for the iPhone or iPad. It is available for Google Play for the Android phones and tablets.

Navigating in the Game

Most of this can be gained from the tutorial:


To stay on the path, to turn left or right, swipe one finger toward the direction you want to go.


To get over tree roots, gaps in the route, fire walls and skull barriers, swipe one finger upwards.

Sliding Underneath

Trees blocking your path can only be slid under, they cannot be jumped. The firewalls and skull barriers can be slid under or jumped over. To slide under, swipe the screen downwards with one finger.

Running to One Side or the Other

To collect coins lined on one side, tilt the phone left or right. Note that of there is no wall on that part of the path, you could fall in and give the crocodiles a meal.

The Tutorial

From the main screen (in the picture), press "Options". On the options screen, you will see an option to turn on the tutorial. This will take you through most of what is written on this page.

Collecting Coins and Power Ups

Objectives and Multipliers

Hints and Tips

Secret Objective