A Tale of Two Social Media Policies

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What should or should not appear in a social media policy is the subject of some debate - total exclusion versus an attempt to counter the issues and hence get the benefit. The treatment here is light-hearted and links at the end provide more studious versions.

Social Media Policy Version 1

1: No employee can access social media during work hours or from a work computer.
2: No employee is allowed to mention the company name, products, trademarks or drop hints that they are employed at all.
3: Any tweets or posts on the Company Social Media account must be approved by the board 3 weeks beforehand.

Sound familiar? But in analternative parallel universe not so far away...

Nicety Nice Corp Social Media Guide Version 2

Here at Nicety Nice Corp, we like you to keep building your own network. We appreciate that social media provide a whole new way to keep in touch and that your contacts can help to achieve your goals.
You can use your personal social media at work provided it does not become an obsession- slightly more often than you change the paper in the printer, but less than you spend searching for a free meeting room - does that sound reasonable?
You can mention your affiliation to Nicety Nice Corp on social media too.
However, if you use social media at work or you mention your affiliation to Nicety Nice Corp, please follow these rules:
Please remember our #2 core value - be nice (it's also #1 - so nice we say it twice), do not put anything that could bring us in disrepute.
Please make it clear that you have not been brainwashed by our team of Svengali Social Media managers and that your views are your own and not those of your employer.
So no offensive language, racism or racist language, nothing libellous, anything about breaking the law, nothing that actually breaks the law and no creative descriptions of your line manager.
However beautiful your body parts are, please do not tweet, post or Instagram them.
Much as we admire the technical know-how of the top-drawer hackers, we would prefer our computer systems not to become the home of their best work.
Of course, feel free to tell the world how wonderful it is to work at Nicety Nice Corp and mention all your favourite features of our incredible products (this is almost optional).

Which company would you prefer to work for?

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