Collecting Coins and Power Ups

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Collecting Coins and Power Ups in Temple Run

You can collect coins in three ways in Temple Run:

1: As you run from the Temple, you collect coins by moving over them. The coins you collect are stored from run to run and shown on the "Store" page. Using these coins you can "buy" power ups, boosts, new characters and backgrounds.

2: You can also purchase (with real money) additional coins. Doing this seems a fitting way to thank the writers of the game, as they give the game away for free. Go to "Store" and press the "Collect More Coins" button.

3: "Like" the Temple Run FaceBook page.

...and here is what you can spend all those lovely coins on...

Power Ups

Power ups appear at random intervals along the path once they have been bought. They appear above the path, and you need to jump up to collect them. By spending more coins on a Power Up, you can upgrade the Power Up to be more powerful.

Mega Coin

Appearance: A big yellow coin above the path.

Effect: Adds a bulk number of coins to your total (number depends on Upgrade Level).

Upgrades: Increase number of coins a Mega Coin is worth.

Coin Magnet

Appearance: A big blue and red horseshoe magnet above the path.

Effect: For a limited time, coins are attracted to the explorer. No coins are missed while this is on!

Upgrades: Increase length of time Coin Magnet is active.


Appearance: A light blue human silhouette.

Effect: For a limited time, explorer can run through trees anmd other obstacles. Breaks in the path are covered up by a blue shimmer. Explorer can still die by falling off the path.

Upgrades: Increase length of time Invisibility is active.


Appearance: A red human running silhouette.

Effect: For a limited time, explorer is accelerated for a distance. The explorer cannot die during the boost, but tilting can ensure you pick up coins during the boost.

Upgrades: Increase distance of Boost.

Coin Values

Appearance: Coins beyond certain points adopt different colours. Double value coins are red/yellow, triple value coins are blue/red/yellow.

Effect: After a certain distance(s), coins are increased in value.

Upgrades: Decrease distance run before coins are increased in value, create a second tier of triple value coins.


Resurrect Immediately "After Death"

The cheaper resurrection option. You need to predict that you are about to die in the next thirty seconds, double tap the screen, and you will come back to life afterwards. Useful for the "Resurrection" objectives, but not normally within game play as it is difficult to predict that your explorer is about to die.

Resurrection Wings that are Active Permanently

Click the button at the start of the game and you will be resurrected when you die. Useful for the "Resurrection" objective, but also when a coin collecting or distance objective appears just out of reach.

Boost ahead 1000m at Start of Game

Useful to achieve distance objectives, and the "Boost" objective.

Mega Boost ahead 2500m at Start of Game

Useful to achieve distance objectives.


I have not found any advantage/disadvantage to any of the characters - yet. Needed for the "Dynamic Duo", "Fantastic Four" and "Sexy Six" objectives.

Guy Dangerous

Scarlett Fox

Barry Bones

Karma Lee

Montana Smith

Francisco Montoya

Zack Wonder


Wallpapers for your iPhone background. Show everyone your Temple Run credentials! Also needed for the "Interior Decorator" objective.

Temple Wall Wallpaper

The walls of the Temple!

Guy Dangerous Wallpaper

My favourite of the wallpapers.

Evil Demon Monkeys Wallpaper

The Evil Demon Monkeys follow you everywhere!