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Temple Run Hints and Tips

Some tips on playing the Temple Run game.

Overall Strategy

Achieving objectives increases your multiplier which increases your score. Check the objectives page and which objectives are attainable. Use Power ups to achieve specific objectives. Your scores will gradually increase.

Hints and Tips

  • In the early stages, use coins to buy the upgrades to the Coin Magnet and the Mega Coin. This will get you more coins with which to buy more levels of power up.
  • Remember to "Like" on FaceBook to get those extra 250 coins towards your Power Ups.
  • Once you are regularly achieving distances over 1,000m, buy upgrades to the Coin Values Power Up.
  • When needing to achieve distance, buy the Boost Power Up first, before buying the single use Utiity Boosts.
  • When using the Boost Power Up, tilt the game towards the coins to ensure you get as many as you can.
  • When using Invisibility, I find it useful to keep jumping and ducking - helps to get more coins and is less of a "jolt" when it ends.
  • Boosts (single or multiple) are useful for distance objectives.
  • When focusing on coin objectives only use Boosts if you have Coin Values upgraded.
  • This may be a myth, but at the first junction turn right. After that, alternate directions.