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Objectives and Multipliers in Temple Run

In the Temple Run game, the number of objectives completed, increases the multiplier given for each metre run. So to increase your score, you need to achieve more objectives.

The objectives come in a few categories:


There are both distance run in one single run and overall distance run across all ("Lifetime") games.


There are objectives for number of coins in a single run and all runs, as well as "miser" objectives - running for a distance without collecting coins. Filling the bonus meter is also a coin related objective as collecting coins fills the bonus meter.


There are only objectives connected to a score for one run.

Number of Games

There are objectives for playing lots of games (1,000 and 5,000).

Use of Power Ups

There are objectives connected to using power ups, resurrection wings, boosts, unlocking characters and wallpapers.

Objective Hints and Tips

Here are a few hints and tips for objectives:

  • For early score and coin objectives, use the tutorial - this gains you 60 coins and some points before you start the game for real. The tutorial can be switched on by going to the Options page from the main menu. It only lasts one run.
  • For score and coin objectives, remember to buy Power Ups.
  • For distance objectives (and the boost objective), buy a boost and use it.

Secret Objective