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Using the Transformations tab within PeopleSoft Query, you can create files of the following types:

Sample "Transformed" HTML Report
  • Text format - e.g. CSV, fixed columns
  • HTML
  • XML - e.g. SpreadsheetML (to produce formatted Excel spreadsheets).

A single PeopleSoft Query can have multiple transformations attached to it. When scheduling the Query, you can decide which transformation will be used to format the output. Within Query itself, you can view previews of the transformed output, but these only use the first 50 rows of the Query.

The Transformations tab uses the XSLT language (eXtensible Stylesheet Language - Transformations) - a specialised language for transforming XML documents into other formats (or further XML).

Pagelets can also be built from transformed PeopleSoft Query results. Annoyingly, the XML file format for pagelets is slightly different from that used in Query. However, both can be processed using XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language - Transformations).

You still have all the processing capabilities of SQL in Query, and then you can add formatting using XSLT.

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