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Transforming Your PeopleSoft Query

Transform-PeopleSoft-Query.JPG Amazon Kindle: Transforming Your PeopleSoft Query

Make your PeopleSoft Queries truly come to life! Using the Transformation tab of PeopleSoft Query, you can now create formatted reports.

You can turn your query results into HTML that could be used in a pagelet. You can add summaries, counts and headers to your results. Or you could create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with formatting and formulae without manual polishing afterwards.

Using Functions in PeopleSoft Query

UsingFunctionsInPeopleSoftQuerySmall.jpg Amazon Kindle: Using Functions in PeopleSoft Query

At the heart of a PeopleSoft Query is a SQL query. Knowing some extra tricks with SQL functions will go a long way to extracting the exact results you need.

But isn't SQL hard? So completely difficult that only Einstein after 3 Red Bulls could possibly stand a chance of putting a query together? This book aims to dispel this myth and help you increase the number of tasks you can complete with PeopleSoft Query.

Harness the power of PeopleSoft Query using the database (both Oracle and SQL Server), use this book to take the raw Query results and fashion them.

PeopleSoft Users Companion

PeopleSoftUserCompanion.jpg Amazon Kindle: PeopleSoft Users Companion

This book is packed full of hints and tips for users of the Oracle PeopleSoft applications. The hints and tips can be applied to HR, Campus, Financials and CRM.

The Oracle PeopleSoft applications are very versatile and powerful. A little knowledge of tricks and techniques can help you make more of the system, and get things completed faster.

These tricks will save you time - some every day, some occasionally. Some ideas you may have been vaguely aware of, but not seen how they can be used.

Peoplesoft for the Oracle DBA

Book1.png Amazon: Peoplesoft for the Oracle DBA

This is an excellent text for PS Admins and developers that want to know more about what goes on under the covers.

  • Background of how PeopleSoft makes use of particular Oracle database features.
  • Understanding the PeopleSoft Application Server - covers how the Oracle Tuxedo transaction monitor is used by PS App Servers.
  • Performance Monitoring - techiques for understanding the many traces and logs and understanding what they mean.
  • Performance Tuning - Some tricks and techniques for improving the performance of various components of PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Developers Guide for PeopleTools and PeopleCode

Book2.png Amazon: PeopleSoft Developer's Guide for PeopleTools & PeopleCode

A good all round how-to guide - covers:

  • Building a page in Application Designer.
  • Writing PeopleCode
  • Building processes in Application Engine and SQR
  • Reporting in XML Publisher.

PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Tips and Techniques

Book3.png Amazon: PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips & Techniques

A text of best practices and some expert tricks and techniques such as:

  • Using object orientated Application Packages.
  • Add AJAX to your pages to reduce network round trips
  • Using Java from within PeopleCode
  • Extending Integration Broker with home grown connectors

A great source book!