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The Go Launch Page makes it quick and easy to search several sites for the same thing to do comparisons.

All you have to do is click the link:

  • Go Launch Page
  • Type in the search box what you want
  • Click each of the relevant buttons and compare...
  • Select the cheapest or best deal

Here are some suggestions for different types of purchases:

Item Buttons Description
Computers and Printers ADEKP A (Amazon), D (Dell), E (eBay), K (Kelkoo), P (Play)
CD and DVD AEKPT A (Amazon), E (eBay), K (Kelkoo), P (Play), T (Tesco)
Books AEKP A (Amazon), E (eBay), K (Kelkoo), P (Play)
Electricals AEJKT A (Amazon), E (eBay), J (John Lewis), K (Kelkoo), T (Tesco)
Ink for Your Printer IJKOT I (Internet-Ink), J (John Lewis), K (Kelkoo), O (Office Giant), T (Tesco)
Power Tools and DIY SWX S (ScrewFix), W (Wickes), X (Tools)
Pet Food EZ E (eBay), Z (ZooPlus)

Of course, you can just press "Search" to look on Google, or click "U" to search YouTube.

Did these work for you? Did you find it cheaper elsewhere? Add your findings here...


What were you looking for?

Where did you find it cheapest?