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Spring Board Tools - mini data tools for everyday. These tools are entirely free to use with no account to set up, no emails jamming your inbox. All we ask is that you support our sponsors.

Just simple tools, no strings.

The tools can be used from your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Merge Tool

Merge data from a spreadsheet or a list into your own template.

With a CSV file, copy and paste the file into the source text field.

Copy and paste source data straight from spreadsheet cells (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers)- press the "Use Tab" button.

More on how to use CSV Merge Tool.

Regular Expression Calculator

Create your own regular expressions using a set of prompt buttons and see the results on your own data. Change the data or the regular expressions to get the results you need.

Regular Expression Text Processor

Extract email addresses from text. Change date formats. Remove trailing spaces.

Process your text through a series of Regular Expressions. Particularly useful if you want to perfect a set of expressions and text to achieve a desired outcome.

An example: you could extract the right parts of a trace file by applying several regular expressions that delete those parts you do not want. These same expressions could be applied to many trace files.

Each step can match lines, replace text, sort lines or sort them into unique lines.

After you have created your Text Process, you can then click Build URL and add to your favourites fir the next time you need to do that edit.

Text Processor Examples

Further Reading

Regular Expressions