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Our top ten useful pieces of cheap or free software:

Textpad c. £27

A really useful text editor. Macros, text highlighting, regular expression search and replace, compare files and a block slection mode. Also has a record, replay and repeat macro feature.


CSV Merger (Free Web Tool)

A tool for merging CSV or delimited files with your own template. Instructions for CSV Merge Tool.

Click for CSV Merger

Regular Expression Calculator

Regular Expression Calculator helps you build a regular expression and test it against your test data.

Regular Expression Text Processor will process text using a succession of Regular Expressions.

Firefox (Open Source)

Open source browser packed with features. Lots of third party add-ins provide many specialist applications.


WinMerge (Open Source)

Gives differences between files and directories in a graphic manner. Useful for comparing directories of SQRs for example.


Temple Run

Free game for iPhone - see Temple Run.