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Oracle supply the PeopleSoft documentation - PeopleBooks - is available online or downloadable as a set of PDFs or in Amazon Kindle mobi format.

Oracle Documentation

Online PeopleBooks

Online PeopleBooks

Documentation for Latest Versions of PeopleSoft

Current version(s) PeopleBooks in all formats

Documentation for Older Versions of PeopleSoft

Older version PeopleBooks in all formats

Non Oracle Documentation


PeopleCode Quick Reference Guide

PeopleSoft Links

Making a Launch Page for PeopleSoft

Books on PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Books

Using Functions in PeopleSoft Query

PeopleSoft Users Companion

Transforming PeopleSoft Query

Using Oracle PeopleBooks on Amazon Kindle

There are two versions of Oracle PeopleBooks that can be used on Amazon Kindle:

  • Amazon Kindle Mobi Format
  • PDF Format

Mobi format is generally easier to read, but does not display tables well. PDF displays the tables OK, but the text can be a little small.

To improve the viewing of the Mobi format PeopleBooks:

  • Click the Aa button
  • Switch the settings to the smallest font
  • Switch Typeface to Condensed
  • Switch Line Spacing to Small
  • Ensure Words per Line is set to Default

Click the Aa button again to return to your book.