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PeopleCode is the proprietary language of PeopleTools behind the PeopleSoft applications. The commands can be used in online pages built in the PeopleSoft Application Designer or the batch Application Engine. There are several different "types" of PeopleCode:

  • Built in PeopleCode Functions - these are the simple commands and functions that make up the base language of PeopleCode
  • API Classes - as PeopleCode has developed there are a group of classes that extend the language and allow he programmer to manipulate higher level objects such as Process Requests

  • MetaSQL - MetaSQL allows programmers to write cross platform SQL functionality (the MetaSQL is replaced with the SQL database-specific commands) and to provide short cuts such as when writing insert statements for all fields in a record. These can be very useful for reducing maintenance.

PeopleCode Functions - A list of PeopleCode functions.