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"PeopleTools" is the underlying technology the PeopleSoft applications are written in. The PeopleTools are supplied with the application, giving the ability to customise and add new functionality to the delivered PeopleSoft application.

PeopleTools run a variety of platforms - operating systems (including both Windows and major Linux flavours are supported) and database systems (for example, Oracle and SQL Server).

Amongst the two tier PeopleTools are:

Application Designer


PeopleSoft Query

PeopleTools supplied within the Web application:


Process Scheduler

Portal Content


Data Migration Workbench

REN Server

Miscellaneous Fixes and Solutions

Clearing the PeopleSoft Cache

Copying PS_HOME

PeopleCode Functions

PeopleSoft Regular Expressions

Detecting PeopleTools Changes


PeopleTools 8.55

Other Items

PeopleTools Wish List