PeopleSoft User Group at the UK OUG 2017

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You Need Your PeopleSoft Community, Your PeopleSoft Community Needs You

December – the time of the UK Oracle User Group conference – a place to meet old friends, make new ones, listen to Oracle’s great strategy, find out what PeopleSoft customers are doing, and learn the gossip of the times. PeopleSoft is a great product, but one that makes challenges of its customers and users. You don’t just fire up PeopleSoft and leave it in the corner, PeopleSoft is what you make it – how you configure it, how you bolt on to it, how you use it.

But in this quest to build a great PeopleSoft implementation, there are many that are doing exactly that. They go through the same issues, have the same questions and sometimes come up with great answers. This year’s UK OUG was no different.

Got questions about how to use PeopleSoft Test Framework? Hear Hayes speak about their story on how they made use of the PeopleSoft Test Framework and how this fits in with their use of Selective Adoption.

Hear about Oracle’s roadmaps – for PeopleTools, for HCM, and for Global Payroll. If you really want to hear about the Financials Roadmap they can tell you about that too.

Attend the question and answer session with David Bain – the Main PeopleTools Man from Oracle. Explore the possibilities of the PeopleSoft future and where Oracle are putting their money.

Get the low down from Dave Kurtz, performance tuning guru, on how to keep the nVision product running smoothly with ever growing data and report complexity.

So, if you didn’t make it this year, open your diary and block out the Tuesday of the first week of December next year (can’t guarantee that will be the date, but it is the most likely). Then contact the UK Oracle User Group and get yourself signed up – both as a member and as a delegate.

Additionally, the other big PeopleSoft event on the calendar – the PeopleSoft Roadshow in Spring / early Summer – is also worth attending to see where Oracle are going next.

Anything else, oh yes, you would have missed my presentation as well, so make sure you catch next year’s!

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