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An assortment of articles about various aspects of business:

Get yourself down to the PeopleSoft User Group and learn what is happening elsewhere

Time to get your toehold in Britain.

Big Phish, Little Phish

A look at US Airlines behaviour.

Whether you are in favour or not, where there is change, there is opportunity.

A new industry is forming - should it be regulated?

The blandest Budget ever?

How Google's business model changed the World Wide Web.

A short video on how PeopleSoft Query can be enhanced.

A pantomime on a budget.

Why do you do that? A modern day fable.

A low tech way of speeding up testing.

Reduce test costs by bearing in mind these blindingly obvious design considerations.

How can we build a better method of corporate governance?

What can we learn from Bletchley Park?

A Darwinian view of the survival struggle of processes

A hopefully action provoking article on keeping talent

Where will the encouragement of the digital economy take us?

Are your employees your best or worst ambassadors?

From the Archives

Preparations before and immediately after the EU referendum

Information about the membership of the EU and related entities

Highlights of the 2016 PeopleSoft Roadshow

Other Items

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