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The Go Launch Page is most useful as your home page. It loads quickly, and gives the following features:

  • Google Search capability
  • Search Amazon, Booking (hotels), Dell, (E)eBay, Internet-Ink, John Lewis, Kelkoo, Office Giant, Play, Screwfix, Tesco, (U)YouTube, Wickes,(X)Tooled-Up, Yahoo, ZooPlus (pet supplies)
  • Single click to Hotmail, Facebook, Google
  • Add your own custom links
  • Add your own custom buttons
  • Save all your settings in a Cookie or as a URL

Internet Searches

The search capability can save you some time when you need to search multiple places - type the search requirement in the box, and then press the Google search button - if that does not find what you are looking for, then Click the Y button and get Yahoo's search results.

You can also then send the same search to YouTube by pressing the U button.

Other Searches

Type it once and search a multitude of sites for the cheapest price or a hard to find item. Type into the search box on the go page what you are looking for, then click the buttons appropriately for instance:

  • CD and DVD - A (Amazon), E (eBay), K (Kelkoo), P (Play), T (Tesco)
  • Electricals - A (Amazon), E (eBay), J (John Lewis), K (Kelkoo), T (Tesco)
  • Ink for Your Printer - I (Internet-Ink), J (John Lewis), K (Kelkoo), O (Office Giant), T (Tesco)

Saving Money Using Go Launch Page Search

Adding Your Own Links and Buttons

Add your favourites as links or buttons - click on the "Edit" button and save your preferences to a cookie. If you clear your cookies regularly, then use the URL that is built for you and copy it to your browser's address bar.

This makes a good home page for your browser.

Displaying a Page Below Go Launch Page

The Go Launch Page is very small only taking two lines at the top of the browser. The rest of the space can be filled with another favourite page - like BBC News for example.

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